Hep hep

Step out of your comfort zone. Live life according to your values, meaning, and purpose. Make room for every emotion as it comes and goes.



Attention. Action.


You appear so calm and collected

But deep inside you tremble with fear

It’s okay to cry

It’s okay to feel

There’s is courage in vulnerability

You are not alone in this

Let yourself be seen



Bend Don’t Break

I imagine resilience in a form of a cluster of bamboo trees, wind gushes wildly from all directions and the bamboo swings back & forth, trusting their roots and the flexibility of their trunk and they go with the flow not fighting the current. Bowing their heads in humility amidst the chaos, somehow knowing the bad weather shall pass eventually.

There are so many adversities in this life, sometimes they bring about feelings that are so immense and overwhelming. But I believe that feelings and emotions are like the waves of the ocean affected by the motions of the world, pull of gravity, chemical components and interactions of the earth, and so on. Multi-factorial but not permanent. They are like the seasons which comes and then goes. We learn to ride the moments. To accept their existence and dismiss the urge to fight against it, to extinguish it.

Kind acceptance that we are vulnerable to be swayed but not weak to break under pressure.

This too shall pass.

Reply on Thoughts

Well maybe it doesn’t have to be as it was.

This is an opportunity to start something new.

To realize other source of inspiration.

A time to learn and discover other things.

Change can be scary and thrilling at the same time.


Live anew.

Build up the courage to start fresh.


Be a better version.

Learn and trust the process.



There are times when I picture my life and see the “not so good” aspect of it.

I ruminate on the things that aren’t doing so well.


We all have our personal issues. Right now I’m consciously shifting my thoughts and I am choosing to write about something else.

Let’s try gratitude.

My sister has always reminded me to welcome and end the day with a grateful heart and I admit, it has really been hard these past couple of weeks. I’ve been struggling to see the upside of things.

But here I go, every second is a good time to start.

I am grateful for my relationships. I have treasured a few. I have my family, long time friends, and my special someone.

Speaking of that someone.

I have my person with me. I have found the love which I prayed for. I don’t usually/really write about these things but for the sake of gratitude why not.

I’m grateful to receive and give away that kind of love.

I’m grateful to have let another person in who I can freely let myself be. Who knows how I think, react, feel, sneeze and all that jazz. Vice versa.

Who lovingly accepts and respects me and who I lovingly accept and respect.

Even with all the crap that goes in my head at times.

Who remains patient as I mentally beat myself up with past decisions/mistakes.

Who listens even when no words are spoken. Who understands with just a gaze of each other’s eyes.

Who acknowledges my pain and remains hopeful.

There are just so many words and it’s difficult to express my gratitude to have that someone especially during these times.

Someone whose happiness is my happiness.

I’m grateful for every cell in that body, for every molecule, every atom and subatomic particle of being.

I’m grateful for the love.

Thank you very much for existing in this lifetime.

Line from a Song

“Help me if you can I’m feeling down..”


Something has changed within me.

I can just feel it as I sense it.

I’m not sure if it was due to all of what’s happening, the isolation, the waiting, unmet expectations.

Fueled by self -doubt and criticism.

Or loneliness perhaps.

One of those days when it feels heavier than usual.

Silence echoing.

Walls closing in.

I try to find the joy within.

I try to recognize ongoing themes of the swirling voices in my head and analyze what is wrong with me.

Why am I feeling this way?

Why am I thinking this way?

I don’t want to succumb to a hole I might have trouble getting out of.


“Help me get my feet back on the ground.

Won’t you please, please help me?”