There are moments when words flow out from the mind enough to express itself for that fleeting exhale , elusive to be remembered just as it was, never exactly as it was again.

A missed instance, with thoughts finally finding it’s way out of the rubble but only to evaporate instantaneously out of plain sight.

The babble, remains.



I remember as a little girl imagining what life would be like in 10,20,30 years. I cannot recall what exactly came to my mind but I remember that child-like feeling of inquisitive wonder, of imagination, of curiosity. I remember feeling a sense of eagerness to be an adult.

So here I am now and if there is something I could say to my younger self it is this: Enjoy every present moment. Time is a priceless commodity. You’re going to feel a lot. You’re going to hurt, fail, and at times succeed. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. You’re going to be alright. It’s going to be alright.

I’m not that old, by the way..

Hep hep

Step out of your comfort zone. Live life according to your values, meaning, and purpose. Make room for every emotion as it comes and goes.



Attention. Action.


You appear so calm and collected

But deep inside you tremble with fear

It’s okay to cry

It’s okay to feel

There’s is courage in vulnerability

You are not alone in this

Let yourself be seen



Bend Don’t Break

I imagine resilience in a form of a cluster of bamboo trees, wind gushes wildly from all directions and the bamboo swings back & forth, trusting their roots and the flexibility of their trunk and they go with the flow not fighting the current. Bowing their heads in humility amidst the chaos, somehow knowing the bad weather shall pass eventually.

There are so many adversities in this life, sometimes they bring about feelings that are so immense and overwhelming. But I believe that feelings and emotions are like the waves of the ocean affected by the motions of the world, pull of gravity, chemical components and interactions of the earth, and so on. Multi-factorial but not permanent. They are like the seasons which comes and then goes. We learn to ride the moments. To accept their existence and dismiss the urge to fight against it, to extinguish it.

Kind acceptance that we are vulnerable to be swayed but not weak to break under pressure.

This too shall pass.

Reply on Thoughts

Well maybe it doesn’t have to be as it was.

This is an opportunity to start something new.

To realize other source of inspiration.

A time to learn and discover other things.

Change can be scary and thrilling at the same time.


Live anew.

Build up the courage to start fresh.


Be a better version.

Learn and trust the process.