No Details Necessary 

The past couple of weeks had been unlike any other.. mostly woke up each day not knowing whether or not another news is going to break.. took in the nauseating air of uncertainty intertwined with couple of unanswered questions. That was how I welcomed each morning, with fear subconsciously taking over, until I once again, reason against it, reminding how much of life I ought to be grateful for. And I am, grateful for this life. We just truly never exactly know as to what could happen next.

That particular eerie feeling kept showing up recently and during those unguarded moments of waking up.. It all started when a situation took an unexpected turn and I was left to wonder and mostly worry of the days ahead.

But over the course of those weeks, slowly but gruadually, I felt to have somehow gained a bit of control as to how I respond to that kind of distraught. It was slowly beginning to be part of a routine that I had to gain some sort of mastery of. A task I had to conquer each and every time it makes its way into my consciousness.

To be continued…


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