Let me start off by saying it took me quite a while before I was finally able to create a blog, not because I was contemplating of making one, but because my ideal username and site name seems to already be unavailable, in other words, taken. As the market is on a first come and first serve basis, which I find to be completely humane, fair and just, thus this incredibly well thought out site name. I added the 101 not because it looks or sounds cool but because without it, it might take me another 100 tries to have one that is available. Besides 101 is not simply a number, I find it to be an expression of some sort.. a system of learning the basics, simple beginnings. Like building blocks of something that are much more complex.. such as the advent of computer with its binary system of ones and zeroes. Like proteins from amino acid, molecules from atoms, and so on. So I’d like to give meaning to things.. a rather sentimental approach.. with reason. 

Basically, I am here to document about my life’s 101 or its much complicated outcomes. To each her own, I guess, of moving forward or looking back.


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