Find Good in the Morning

Woke up in a relatively good mood today.. owing mostly to genetics I suppose, they say happiness is 50% genetics and 50% of everything else. I would like to give a shout out to my ancestors for this wonderful gift of my happy DNA, and for all the books I read, stories I heard, inspirational people encountered along the way, and of course, for the faith that I choose to keep. 🙂

Yesterday, I contemplated about some recent personal set backs, what a gloomy way to start my diary I know, but looking at it from a different perspective, my problems aren’t that bad or big as compared to realizing the problems/issues of the world. There are times when I tend to magnify certain personal problems 10x fold. With that said, recently a certain kind of fear took hold of me for a couple of days as I woke each morning (the unknown can be quite scary and debilitating) but then I seem to have somehow learned to tame and manage it over time, I just know I couldn’t let it paralyze me and something inside me fights to see the upside of things, talking to oneself helps, but please not out loud lol. I recently took an online personality quiz, out of curiosity as I’m sure most of us did at least once in this lifetime haha, and found out that I’m afraid of failure.. well surprise surprise, aren’t we all? 😛

Anyway, I believe my good mood emanates and is fueled by practicing the art of… wait for it..

#GRATITUDE and everything else that goes/associated with it.

We all have things, people, events and so on that we are thankful for. Focus on those. The mind is a powerful tool, use it. Remember or better yet write down the chronicles of everyday life. It may not all be good, but see, there’s good in it, find it. Savor the feeling that we are capable of choosing to see the good.

Hi and hope you have a good morning! ☀️


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