Hope You Don’t Mind

From where do you get your motivation?

  • To wake up
  • Smile
  • Go to work
  • Deal with difficult situation(s)
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Sleep
  • And then do it all over again

It has really been a roller coaster of emotion the past several weeks and I think I’m the passive aggressive type.. it’s difficult to contain it all in while appearing physically normal while mentally everything just feels it’s going haywire. 

I pray, I talk to the Almighty asking for strength, guidance and then to myself (a lot), I try to make sense of things, I reason out, play scenarios, I calculate. But the self pep talk can only take me so much. But don’t get me wrong heartfelt prayers help me a lot and carry me through the worst of days. Most times, I feel like I just need to surrender control and let the chips fall where they may… if only it’s that easy. Come to think of it, nothing in this world is ever truly ours.. even the air that we breathe, we return back (we exhale)– read that from somewhere, not exactly as is but hopefully you get the idea. So there.. since I cannot fully talk about it with anyone I know personally (in person and then right now), I’ll just write about it. At least it’s out there somehow. 

Feeling too overwhelmed to function.. 

But really..

How do you engage with life when it throws you its curveballs and at a time when you’re feeling quite downtrodden? 


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