To Sum It Up

What did I do the past 3 days off work? 

I spent the first 2 days going around the malls and hunting down bargains, (it’s kind of therapeutic and an achievement getting an item say 50-70% off its original price).. I don’t know.. it did help for a moment there and I felt good. But then of course “the high” dissipated slowly but much slower than anticipated.. for I also kept thinking of who else I can buy things for or whenever I get an item to who can I give it to? It’s an adrenaline pumping activity, like a hunt, and patience can be rewarding especially when you finally see and physically “seize” the size that you want ahead of the rest. Hah! I resisted the urge to pat myself on the back a couple of times back there. lol. So, it’s not mostly for me, shopping is more therapeutic in a sense I know I’ll be giving stuff away to someone who may like or need it. Giving really is better than receiving. The “high” lasts much longer but of course I get to treat myself every once in a while.

Also by the end of the 2nd day, out of spontaneity, I went ahead and joined a friend in a Zumba class. I felt quite embarassed for I seem to have two left feet but it was a class of roughly 8 non-judgmental people so that helped boost my confidence quite a bit. I went around splaying my limbs to the beat trying my best to copy the moves of the person in front of me. We had a few laughs in between. It was a lot of fun, I did enjoy that. 

Then afterwards (as per my suggestion) we headed to the closest buffet place we could find. I was famished. Oh boy.

Third day, as expected, I felt a lil bit of pain around my shoulders (we did some toning activity with some weights while dancing) yes, that happened. So I decided to just rest and watch movies and then more movies. I did go out for a 30 minute jog around the vacant parking lot at sunset. Hmm running, that is a whole different topic for me. I might write about it some other time. It’s like when life gets too much, there’s that. I can do that and not think about anything else, just focus on keeping one foot in front of the other in a rhythmic gradual pace. The technique, they say, is proper breathing and having a strong core. Well I missed out on several core exercises.. I just run and breathe as I know how at the moment. 

I don’t know what I’m doing with my days off. I feel like I’m practically letting the days go by while I do these things, like fillers, just to say there’s something. Well since it’s not going well at work (as you can imagine from my vague lamentations from previous posts), I can’t shake this feeling of wanting to do some really purposeful things or be in a place where I can truly be part of something.. but maybe someday, when I have the guts to do that. 

Basically, that’s what’s up. How are you doing?


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