You got to, move it!

As I’m sipping my cup of coffee, my maintenance caffeine fix, I can’t help but wonder the many possibilities that is all around the world… how vast and abundant. What I need to figure out now is how to access them.. can’t really get to it without following the steps, filling out forms, ticking out boxes of required documents, paying the fees and so on and so forth, and then not forgetting one major part of the whole process, which involves tantamount of waiting. Add to that, faith and positive thinking. The thought of it all in general can be overwhelming.. but as long as you don’t do anything, you remain exactly where you are. Fear is not the enemy, it’s inaction. It’s when you allow fear to paralyze you completely and you end up stuck wishing if you only had the guts to get a move on in life, things would’ve been different. 

But it’s never too late to take the hardest step, which they say is usually the first one. The whole thing won’t be easy, anticipate setbacks but the journey will be worth it.. you’ll see. 🙂 

You got this. 

(self pep-talk)


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