Thoughts: Attraction/ Distraction

The rules of attraction are complicated..

Honestly I don’t even know how it works.

I seem to like some people in certain different ways and oddly not like “like” them in a way that I think I should but then, they do or say some things that would catch my attention and then maybe just maybe.. but then again maybe not. 

How would you know exactly when you’re not even sure yourself?

When out of nowhere, while having absolutely no intention of looking, some do stand out from the crowd and I can’t help but notice their every move without actually watching..there’s this certain kind of feeling, it’s like your senses are heightened when they’re around and you feel a certain kind of vibe that they “might” feel the same coz they pay attention or they may just be being friendly and nice. So what on Earth does that mean?

It may be that my imagination is running wild and well ahead of me or my quite unsure self is once again putting meaning into irrational things. I really don’t know or wouldn’t know unless they tell me directly, I guess, coz I wouldn’t dare make the first move. I find faults and rationalize why it shouldn’t be so just to justify the attraction as mistaken ambiguous laps of judgement. Sure I can keep admiring them from a distance and wonder til my brain bleed then I would get over it as I usually eventually do. It can get tiring.

I use plural form for I’ve had several instances of these mental conundrums with different people.

It’s like taking a step forward and then 2 steps back. 
Why must they be so puzzling? 

People are complicated.


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