Talk a Little, Talk a Lot

What about you tell me what’s going on in your head..

Tell me your thoughts, what you love to do most in this world,

Tell me your dreams, your fears..

And the time when you laughed the most and the last time you cried till you fell asleep.

Tell me things nobody else knows, your darkest secrets and your heart’s most selfish desire

Tell me what you tell yourself when you stare back at your reflection in the mirror

Tell me how you keep it all together, tell me how you fall apart

Tell me how you face the world armed with a smile that’s uniquely only yours to give

Tell me the fondest memories of your childhood and your life’s many treasured milestones

Tell me your embarrassing moments, times you’d rather hide from underneath the sheets

Tell me about the people you care about

Tell me lessons you know to be true

Tell me your thoughts on love, faith, happiness, peace, equality… or global warming even

I would like to know

So if you could try

Just tell me

And know that you can take as long as you like.

Whenever you’re ready.


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