Help me God

When things go beyond your control, breathe.. surrender, let go and let God. He is bigger than anything. 

And I have faith in Him. 


You’ve Got To

Move it!

They say one of the most stressful experience(s) in ones’ life is moving.. 

So I’m taking it one item at a time, one box at a time..

And I remind myself to take a deep breath every once in awhile and to keep calm.

Keep calm.. breathe. I can do this.

Keep on Keeping On

We often struggle with negative emotions for the world seem to have an everlasting supply of things and situations that spark hate, jealousy, mistrust, denial, anger and so on but what gets me through them personally are the uplifting positive books I’m able to read and reflect upon, the people who no matter what life throw at them manage to carry themselves graciously still, the inspirational stories that I happen to stumble upon at the right time, reflections through heartfelt prayers, reminders to always find something to be grateful for in life for there is always something good and to see the glass half full, and of course my natural uncanning ability to find humor in the simplest of things. I laugh at corniest of jokes, even those that I don’t get simply because I don’t get them. lol

I tend to mumble some of the agonies away in this blog as some sort of outlet/ release. I cannot always be jolly.. but who does anyway. They say some of those who appear to be happy or funny all the time with a crowd are the ones who are silently breaking inside when no one else is watching.. I seem to understand how that’s like. It’s a tedious task to make yourself appear that you got it all together when you are slowly falling apart. So we waste away with habits that mask/ distract us from the actual pain and try to be better by doing some of the things I just mentioned above. It’s a cycle hopefully one I get to have some sort of balance in the days and years to come. 

Oh life. Full of its beautiful contradictions. And it’s up to us to create the meaning, purpose, and reason to enjoy the ride.