What’s the best way to wrap up a day? I think it’s when you take a few minutes to think about or rather write about the things that happened, which may or may not be significant. It’s such a nice feeling to have moments to reflect upon and be grateful for.. to remember, reminisce and re-live afterwards.

I’ve missed out on so many days.. so many. 

I’m nearing the end of my annual vacation.. I needed this so much.. I couldn’t believe I’ve pushed thru with my plans since a lot of unexpected things have transpired at work, well that’s mainly one of the reasons why I needed this. So much. And I’m doing it. Although I sort of told myself to stay away from social media and group chats pertaining to work but I couldn’t help but take a peek every once in a while. Eek. 

I’m just so grateful I’m able to do this. To travel alone to meet family and then travel some more to meet friends and attend a friend’s milestone (I was a bridesmaid at her wedding) and then travel once again to meet the rest of other members of the family. 

Family. It is what it’s all about I guess. I’ve had so many realizations in this trip and deep conversations about life with some friends. 

Just seeing them, being a witness of the love that they (we) share, knowing I’m a part of something so beautiful beyond words..

That’s something to reflect upon and be grateful at the end of each day. 

As for Jnanna, it’s a word I learned from my 6 year old genius niece today. It’s an old Indian Sanskrit meaning “knowledge”

Kids these days.