I used to watch tennis few years ago when I was feeling stressed at work. I followed all the major leagues that year and had favorite players of my own. Or I just watch whoever was playing and be immersed in it. It distracted me from the negative vibes set off by the new unwanted tasks at hand, which got me so anxious if I could deliver since my heart was not totally in it.

That’s how I was or am. I disengage. Nobody wants to be forced into doing anything she doesn’t like. But for some reason I got myself in it and had to go through the motions to participate. And I did. I did my part in as much as I can. And then I left, for it was time to move on to something new and the change was well overdue. 

But now I find myself in an almost similar feeling, anxious about a whole new situation that’s not particularly healthy for the mind and soul to constantly be worrying about.  

I’m thinking about watching tennis again..


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